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Common Questions People Ask Movers

Is it your first time hiring Acosta home movers or are you just unsure what to expect? Here are common questions we hear from customers.

  • 01.
    If you’re currently renting, make sure you know how to break a lease in Georgia if you plan to move before the lease is up.
  • 02.
    Have your water and electricity turned on at the new location at least the day before moving in. Check our Atlanta utilities guide to find out how.
  • 03.
    Downsize well in advance and find out how to schedule furniture donation pickup. Be aware that furniture pickup may need to be scheduled weeks in advance!
  • 04.
    Stay organized with a moving binder. Keep contracts, important documents, school records, and vet records in your binder along with to-do lists. This should not be packed!
  • 01. How much should I tip movers in Atlanta?
    Tipping is not required, but movers always appreciate recognition for a job done well.
  • 02. Will Acosta moving companies pack my house?
    Full service movers in Acosta can handle all the packing or just certain items or rooms in your home. The team will bring all the boxes and materials to safely pack your belongings with care ...
  • 03. What’s the difference between local and long distance moving?
    Every company has their own definition of a local move which is usually a radius of 25 to 50 miles of your origin but may include an entire county or metro area. Long distance moves ...