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We have all the necessary means to facilitate so that your move is only a management.
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Service Detail

Acosta offers a set of packaging services that enable customers to focus on their core products.

Our Packing services includes among other the following services;
On-site Packing: Acosta will bring materials and a crew to the customer site and pack the products that need to be shipped.

Acosta uses professional packing equipment that is stronger and more resistant to things like bumps in the road, and heavy or fragile items. Instead of having to deal with packing everything up over a couple of weeks before you move, hiring Acosta will ensure you get to keep your house in order for as long as possible. We also make sure to efficiently pack, which helps you when it comes time to unpack. All of your relevant items will be grouped together to make things easier on you. That means you’ll spend less time unpacking because your kitchen stuff will be where it belongs – not with your bedroom clothes like how your kids packed it.
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We offer

Whether you’re packing up an apartment, house, or storage unit, chances are, your job is going to be unique. That’s why we offer many services to cater to everyone. Here are some packing company helps with.
  • Full Service Packing
  • Partial Packing Service
  • Fragile Packing
  • Professional Supplies
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Service features

When it comes time to pack, many people do it because they want to save some money. However, hiring a professional packing company to help you with your move can benefit you. Getting a price estimate for packing is dependent upon many factors. First, we’ll ask you what service you need, whether it be full service or partial service. Then, we discuss the types of items being packed, what the access is like to those rooms, whether there’s any special prep, and how many of our packers will be needed.

Because this varies so much, it’s difficult to give a standard rate. We work with you to create a free custom quote that works within your cost. Though we can’t give you a final price here, we are happy to give you a free quote if you give us a call or fill out our form. With a bit more details, we can give you the price estimate.